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What is a package home?

With a package home, you can be an owner/builder and build your house on your lot with the help of a carpenter, a plumbing contractor and an electrical contractor.

What is included?

    All packages are complete with our shell package and interior finish package. All package prices include shipping to dock and customized plans. Please see next page for further details.

Delivery of Material

Material is delivered in phases according to your situation. The deliveries are usually broken down into the following:

  1. Framing material
  2. Windows
  3. Roofing
  4. Siding
  5. Drywall
  6. Finish

Shell Package

Framing Lumber
Douglas fir graded standard, #2 and better, Pressure Treated for Termites.
Standard metal roofing pre-painted with baked on enamel, precut to length.
Select DF trim for windows, doors, corners, eves and gables.
Post and Pier design, treated wood floor system with 1x4 skirting. Floor joist on 16" centers. T&G 3/4" plywood flooring. Also available for slab construction.
Includes treated decking, stairs, railings, and pickets.
Exterior Siding
Standard, fire proof and termite proof fiber concrete siding. 50 year Warranty.
Windows and Glass Doors
Sliding windows and doors with Screens in vinyl frames.

Finish Package

Mahogany, Prehung interior and exterior doors with all trim and hardware including locksets and door stops. Closet doors are louvered bi-folds.
Gyp Board
Includes tape, corners, nails & mud for tape & texture.
Prefinished Birch all wood Custom made Kitchen and Bath Cabinets.
Plumbing Fixtures
Includes faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, water closet, double S.S. kitchen sink, disposer, fittings, and accessories complete to the wall.

Interior materials and doors are locally stocked and available for delivery as needed.

What are some of the options I have?

  1. Bevel Cedar Siding
  2. Carport
  3. Louvered Windows
  4. Composition Shingles
  5. Various covered and uncovered decks
  6. Elevated open lower story for carport or expansion.

What do I need to purchase?

  1. Custom fitted window glass
  2. Finish flooring
  3. Countertops
  4. Electrical rough-in provided by electrician
  5. Light fixtures
  6. Plumbing rough-in provided by plumber
  7. Solar Water Heater
  8. Framing nails and screws
  9. Vent-fan for bathrooms
  10. Appliances
  11. Concrete piers and slabs
  12. Termite pans
  13. Paint
  14. Floor glue
  15. Insulation
  16. Garage Doors

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